Course Status
The course is open. Course is open. Please arrive 15 min before tee time and check into pro shop.

For the most up to date course status, please use the ticker above that will be updated by the club on a daily basis or whenever course circumstances change.

If you require, further information, please contact the Professional Shop on +44 (0) 1506 825060

Adverse Weather Procedure

Before Play:

In the event of adverse weather making commencement of medal play impossible, or the course is unplayable because of rain; there will be a rolling suspension of play. When the starter/ professional considers the course playable, players will go off in order as per the start sheet. If a player considers the delay excessive, they have the option of scratching from the competition or arranging a tee time later in the day.

If play has not commenced 90 minutes after the original first tee time, play in that round of the competition will be cancelled for the day.

During Play:

If after play has commenced and adverse weather makes the course unplayable, play will be suspended by three consecutive notes of the siren. If play has not resumed within 1 hour, the following will apply:-

If the competition is to be played over 18 holes and more than 33% of the field have completed their round, those players scores will stand for the competition and play for that day will be considered to be complete.

If the competition is to be played over more than 18 holes and on subsequent days, play for the day will be cancelled and the competition will be reduced by 18 holes and 1 day.

When the starter/ professional considers the course playable, play will be resumed by two short notes of the siren. Any player who is not in the process of preparing to play will be disqualified.

Note: - darkness will not play a part in deciding when to suspend or resume play.

By order of Match Committee.