No headgear to be worn. “Slashed” jeans are NOT permitted.
No football colours/replica shirts.

Shoes of any description previously worn on the Golf Course are NOT permitted to be worn.
No person under the age of 18 is allowed to play Club gaming machines nor are they permitted to enter the gents locker area unless to consult the starting sheet.
The use of loud, foul or abusive language is not permitted in any part of the Clubhouse or Course.

Members, visitors and guests are expected to adhere to a reasonable standard of dress on the course. If shorts are worn, only the tailored variety will be acceptable. Only golf shoes with either spikes or rubber soles may be worn and trainers are NOT permitted. Blue denim jeans or any “slashed” jeans are not permitted. Only shirts with collars, polo necks or roll necks may be worn and no football ”replica” shirts/colours are permitted.

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Kinglass winter course in play.
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